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Change up your boxing training with a water punching bag! A water bag is a great alternative to traditional punching bags that don’t always suit every athlete’s training style. Designed to last longer than standard equipment while offering a more comfortable resistance to your punches, these boxing bags are the latest gear for both serious and amateur athletes.

Here at Tuf Wear, we provide an extensive range of water punching bags which are made to last. And as the contents is just water, you’ll never encounter those feared hard spots like in a heavy bag. Durable, hardwearing and just as resilient as other punching bags, a water bag is ideal for both home gyms and clubs.


Our extensive selection of water bags is second-to-none when it comes to choice. We offer bags in a variety of different sizes, including 40cm and 50cm bags. You can also find red, blue and green water bags, making it simple to get the colour that’s right for your gym or home.

Constructed using a high-quality, marine-grade vinyl material, our water bag range is perfect for taking every one of your punches. They additionally come with a rope hanging, so the water punching bag can be easily attached and ready to go.


With great prices and a 2-year warranty on many of our water bags, there’s no reason not to shop at Tuf Wear. Order your punching bag today and get incredible value on all our boxing gear, so you can get your training started now. Or if you want more great offers, browse our boxing clearance for brilliant discounts on all equipment!